Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview


Strategic Income Solutions (SIS) partners with the best and most reputable companies to offer services to your members that increase the overall value for them and your credit union. Leverage opportunities to support your members and their finances with any of our partners and their highly recognized solutions.


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Checking Solutions
Partnering with Econocheck – Econocheck offers your financial institution affordable retail checking solutions while growing member engagement and loyalty.
Partnering with Main Street Checks – Main Street Checks offers a check printing solution that is built on service, competitive costs and simplicity.


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Vehicle Solutions
Partnering with CU Certified – Our partnership with CU Certified offers you the only vehicle service contract created by credit unions for members.


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Mortgage Solutions
Partnering with Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions – Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions is a credit union service organization (CUSO) that provides mortgage services to fellow credit unions, to help your financial institution offer a mortgage product to your members with a competitive interest rate and low closing costs.


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Collection Solutions
Partnering with SWBC – Your financial institution can benefit from SWBC’s Outsourced Collection program and its rigorous training programs, innovative technology and deep industry expertise for your early, mid, and late-stage collections.


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Health Solutions
Partnering with PFP | The Family Security Plan® – providing credit unions a business development program and their members a valuable package starting with private passenger auto accident insurance (at no cost), while offering additional supplemental insurance products.
Partnering with My Member Insurance Agency – protecting your members and their families through Medicare solutions with top quality service and products – including those members who are preparing for retirement.
Partnering with Nationwide – We offer pet insurance from Nationwide so pets can get the best care and coverage possible. Plus, policyholders are free to use any vet, anywhere including specialists and emergency providers.
Partnering with Econocheck – Financial Wellness 360 provides financial health resources for your members, including simple money-saving tips to working on debt management and dealing with collectors.


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