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Why a Tru Market Assessment?

Credit unions often ask…

  • What is treasury management and how does it impact us?
  • Where and how do we get started?
  • Does our market even have a need for treasury services?
  • We have other priorities, why should business services be included in our annual plan?

Strategic Income Solutions recommends a market assessment by Tru Treasury.

Leverage Tru Treasury's expertise to simplify your journey to a business services program. They will research and recommend the perfect solutions for your credit union, saving you valuable time and resources. Additional benefits of building and developing a treasury management program include:

  • Understand Your Most Profitable Member Needs
  • Identify Opportunities for Business Services & Lending
  • Mitigate Risk using Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Differentiate Your Credit Union in the Market
  • Optimize Marketing to Current and Potential Members
  • Innovate with Solutions that Grow Income & Deposits
  • Retain and Deepen Business Members and Your Community

Reach out today to take advantage of the discount and expertise of SIS and Tru Treasury!